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A Huge Shout Out to the Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation!!

Sponsoring the Cheshire Home Table Tennis Team!

FLTR: Players Marianne, Clint, Graham, Kuhle and Berenice, Coach Rosabelle Riese and Table Tennis Co-ordinator Ethel Tladi BLTR: Chairman Gary van Zyl, Trustees Mandy and Stella from the Nussbaum Foundation,  Manager Harry Van Eck and Coach Mervin Philander.

The Launch of the first Cheshire Home Table Tennis Team took place on 2 August 2018, attended by our  Sponsors, Players, Coaches, Board Members and Residents.

Chairman, Gary van Zyl, thanked the Nussbaum Foundation, our Coaches Mervin and Rosabelle for their valuable contribution, launching the Cheshire Home Table Tennis Team.

Our Players were over the moon with their new Table Tennis Apparel! Mervin Philander arranged quality clothing and shoes, as well as a tog bag to accompany our players on their next  Table Tennis Meeting.

Thank You to Mervin Philander and Rosabelle Riese, coaching and motivating our Players! Wishing our Players Good Luck! Bring those Medals Home!

If you would like to become involved  as a Volunteer or donate, please contact Helen Campbell marketing.turfhall@gmail.com

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