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Congratulations to Graham George  and Clint Davids – Bronze Medallists

We also congratulate all the Players who participated in the SA Para National Championship, Bloemfontein 7-10 August 2019

Medals listing:

Samkele Notshe: Men’s Open Class 6-10: Gold. Class 9/10: Gold
Adriaan-Jack Booysen: Men’s Class 6/7: Gold
Bernavin April : Men’s Class 5: Silver. Open Class 1- 5: Gold
Andries Steenkamp: Men’s Class 8: Silver. Open Class 6-10: Silver

Clint Davids: (Turfhall) Men’s Open Class: Bronze

Graham George: (Turfhall) Men’s Class 3: Bronze

Dillon Solomons: Boys Open Class 6-10: Silver
Nasr Esau: Boys U18 Class 10: Gold. Boys open Class 6 – 10: Gold
Jessica Adams : Woman’s Class 8/9: Bronze
Rowan Hermanus: Men’s Class 3: Gold. Open Class 1-5: Bronze
Raemondo Lessing: Boys U18 Class 4/5: Silver. Boys open Class 1-5: Bronze
Ethan Florence: Boys U18 Open Class 1-5: Bronze
Team: R Lessing & E Florence: Juniors Boys Class 1-5 : Silver

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