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The Western Cape Branch Committee meets quarterly and comprises of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary,  the Managers of  Turfhall, Eric Miles and Langa Cheshire Homes, and the Chairperson of each Home.

Currently we provide 24 Hour Care to 120 adults with physical disabilities at the following Homes :

Turfhall Cheshire Home, Hanover Park – 60 Residents

Eric Miles Cheshire Home, Milnerton – 34 Residents

Langa Cheshire Home, Langa – 24 Residents

Our Homes are blessed with Volunteers who believe in our mission and give up their valuable time to assist with caring, feeding, art, sport, to name but a few of the activities that bring relief to our Homes with more hands on deck.

Our Homes receive a grant from the Department of Social Development , but sadly the extreme rising of utility, food, fuel & medical costs, have put increased pressure on raising funds to ensure the sustainability of the Homes.

We are grateful for gifts in kind and the financial support received from Companies, Trusts & Foundations, Individuals, the National Lottery Board and the Community Chest, however each Home currently has a shortfall.

We appeal to our Patrons to consider sponsoring a resident at one of our Homes, either monthly or a once off donation. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Managers at the respective Cheshire Homes or Helen Campbell marketing.turfhall@gmail.com for assistance.