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Maintenance Projects 2023

We provide 24-hour specialised, residential care to 60 disabled adults. The Home is situated on the border of Hanover Park and recently had multiple break-ins and damage to our property.






The Amrut Foundation generously blessed our organisation, with the supply and installation of an electrified fence, and project managed by Sibanye Consulting.  Thank You!!

2024 UPDATE!!! We are excited Sibanye Consulting has completed the Turfhall Cheshire Roof maintenance – Cleaning, Waterproofing and painted the entire roof .

Next would be to repaint the boundary walls of our home and repair & replacement of the remaining asbestos gutters & down pipes.

Urgent Maintenance Projects:

Gardening Service to assist with the large grounds.

Bedrooms – Paint Ceilings & Walls

Outdoor quad leading out of the kitchen, brick paving & refurbishing

Completed Maintenance Projects

To reduce our operational costs, we embarked on a water saving initiative to supply our laundry facility. Thanks to the Rolph-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation, we completed Phase 1 and replaced the asbestos gutters leading to the Laundry, installed a 5000 litre water tank and pump. The water is pumped to the washing machines, saving on excessive water bills.

Phase 2 :  We received donations to supply & install two extra water tanks :

  • 5000 litre tank & foundation sponsored by DirectAxis
  • 2500 litre tank sponsored by JoJo Tanks

The maintenance to our Home is never ending and we thank each and every donor who supported the Turfhall Cheshire Home, since opening our doors in 1984.

Please contact Helen on 071-6056708 or  email marketing.turfhall@gmail.com if there are any projects that you would like to support.


100% of donations go directly to the Turfhall Cheshire Home and a receipt for donations received in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 will be issued.

Any donation, or gift in kind, no matter how small, will be much appreciated.